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Michigan High School Football Coaches Association
 Youth Football Coaches Clinic

This clinic is recommended by Northern Michigan's YMCA Pop Warner Association and all attendees names will appear on this website and a certificate of attendance will follow in the mail. The Michigan Chapter of the National Football Foundation will offer a $15 cash reimbursement to the association of each youth coach that registers at this clinic. In addition, the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association is offering annual membership ($20 value) including regular newsletters.

For more information see the schedule and registration form (75K PDF). Additional MHSFCA resources are also available here.


This book was written in an effort to show how to identify faults in defensive alignment, and with the use of audibles, the means to attack those weaknesses instantaneously! Using the veer offense as a basis, it illustrates a simple progression system that any quarterback can follow, and any teammate can understand.

This revolutionary system gives an intelligent advantage to offensive play calling. It offers an offensive scheme that has been cultivated over time and invites cognitive involvement by each team member. When players walk to the line, they approach it with a certain intellectual awareness, and the confidence in knowing that whatever play is called, it will have a great opportunity for success. It gives players ownership, keeps them mentally aware, and most importantly, "it makes the game fun!"

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