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  1. Philosophy
    1. Objectives
      1. Provide a safe, positive, and enjoyable introduction to tackle football.
      2. Teach players the fundamental skills and strategies of tackle football. We will strive to keep it simple.
      3. Instill in the players the "TEAM" concept and values.
      4. Work with players to develop positive values such as respect, discipline, confidence, pride, leadership, patience, and commitment.
    2. Expectations
      1. Commitment - Players, coaches, and parents need to commit to attend practice and games and give their best effort at all times. However, schoolwork comes first!
      2. Discipline - Players will be expected and encouraged to listen, behave, and cooperate with the coaches at all times.
      3. Mutual Respect - Players, coaches, and parents must respect one another and be considerate and mutually supportive of the role each plays. Lack of proper respect will not be tolerated by anyone in the program.
      4. Consequences - Players who demonstrate the above skills will get more out of the program and play more as a result. Those who do not, will not.
      5. REMEMBER - Tackle football is not an easy sport to play. Everyone involved must remember that these are impressionable youngsters that we are dealing with and this is a new experience for them. Parents must remember that the season will have some difficult moments for their kids and coaches. Overcoming these difficulties together in a positive manner is what helps to build confidence and pride.
    1. Positions and playing time
      1. Where players will play will be determined on ability, safety and team need.
        1. Each player will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills for the position they would like to play. We will attempt to honor their desire as long as it fits the team need and the player demonstrates the necessary skills.
        2. The coaches firmly believe that each and every position is of equal importance to the success of the TEAM. No one player or position can be successful without the help of the other 10 players and this concept will be stressed throughout the season. Football is truly a TEAM game.
      2. Players who do not cooperate, work hard, or show up for practice cannot expect to play any more than the Pop Warner required minimum number of plays. It is neither safe, nor fair to the other players who are abiding by these rules to allow otherwise.
        1. Parents must be sure to advise coaches of any potential absences or conflicts with school in advance.
        2. Coaches will notify parents and players of potential or recurring problems.
    2. Organization
      1. Coaches will be expected to come to practice prepared with a clear outline and plan for the day's practice. Plays and playbooks will be available for players and parents.
        1. Parents are encouraged to listen in and reinforce the skills being taught.
        2. Please avoid instruction or advice that is contradictory to what the coaches are teaching.
      2. Please do not talk with your child during practice or games. It is disruptive to everyone involved. If you need to contact your child during one of these times, please contact a coach first.
      3. We would like to see each team have a "Team Manager". this person could help the coaching staff with the day-to-day operations during the season. Such things as fundraising for team activities, selling tickets on game days, assistance in running the clock or managing the yard sticks, car pools, and so on, are all time-consuming details that take away from the primary focus of the coaches.
      4. Parents with concerns or problems should first direct them to the Head Coach and his staff. If you are unable to resolve the issue at this level, please contact your local Association President.