Following is a list of all of the teams in this association listed in alphabetical order. Click on the team name to view its roster.

    Team Name Coach Asst. Coach Class
    Cadillac pw 1 Brandon Bengelink Junior Peewee
    Cadillac PW 2 Jason Main Greg Goetz Junior Peewee
    Cadillac PW 3 Jacob Cochrane Brian Rood Junior Peewee
    Cadillac PW 4 Matt Logan Mark Chronkite, Travis House, Josh Mckinley Junior Peewee
    Cadillac Midget 1 Lester Gurden Nick Swiger, Dan Denny Junior Midget
    Cadillac Midget 2 Shawn Johnston Jason Burton Junior Midget
    Spirit Team Name
    CFL Vikings Cheer

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